PVC Geo Membrane

We have set up a new PVC Geo Membrane plant after working in the tunnel industry for closely 6 years. Our PVC sheet membranes are manufactured using superior raw materials chosen for strength and durability, providing PVC waterproofing membranes a long sustainable life. The Manas Membrane has an elongation of over 300% allowing a structure to move without tearing/splitting the membrane while maintaining the waterproofing integrity.

PVC Membrane has been found to form part in many Tunnels Waterproofing Specifications while also being the most preferred Membrane to Waterproof Tunnels as PVC Membranes are:

  • Economical
  • Sustainable
  • Resistance to the Water-borne Chemicals
  • Having relatively low Elastic Modulus so that they can withstand deformation more easily.
  • Available in Fire Class E
  • Higher static puncturing resistance
  • High cold bending properties
  • High tensile strength and high joint strength at welds
  • Available with signal layer, so as to easily locate the onsite damages if any.
  • Good Pliability to enable installation on undulated surfaces
  • Ample Track Record

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Geo Membrane is a single-layer membrane consisting of two different colours of layers. It is light coloured on one side & black on the other. The light colour helps in identifying the damages that may occur during application. PVC membranes have a wide range of benefits for tunnels, the most important is cost-saving in remediation, repairs, maintenance, or replacement over the expected lifespan of the project.

Advantages of PVC Geo Membrane :

  • Good Resistance to Punching
  • Resistance to roof penetration
  • Fast Application
  • Welded joints for maximum water-tightness

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