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About Us

Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd is a sister company of Kanodia Builders Pvt Ltd. which was incorporated in 1996. Looking at the broad scope in infrastructure and construction activities, we have set up a plant specialised in the production of non woven geo textile in polypropylene and polyester. The objective is to provide world class geosynthetic product and various services to enable owners and contractors to use reliable and economic solutions for various geo technical, transportation , hydraulic and environmental related problems.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Bawal, 90 km from New Delhi, India. We are opening sales offices at Mumbai and Bangalore . Our main advantage is that we have an carded automated needle punched fibre machine imported from Germany which provides us an edge in terms of quality, needle precision , size texture and strength. The unique quality being that we can provide the fabric to a length of 5.5 METRES Being young in this trade, we have studied the various challenges faced by our counterparts and are ready to work to the best of our abilities. We have hired up a team of qualified and experienced engineers from the field of sales to design and technical services for the benefit of our customers. Manas Geo Tech India Pvt Ltd is committed to comply with the highest standards in any commercial relationship with its customers and maintain long term relationship with them. The plant has a full fledged laboratory for testing products in accordance with internationally accepted test standards.

News And Events

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  • 54th Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress 16 - 18 September; Austria; www.dornbirn-mfc.com
  • Outlook 2015 23 - 25 September; Athens, Greece; www.edana.org
  • Techtextil India 24 - 26 September; Mumbai, India; www.techtextil-india.co.in
  • October - December 2015
  • Fire India 05 - 07 October; New Delhi, India; www.reedsi.com
  • IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo 06 - 09 October; California, USA; www.ifai.com
  • JEC Asia 20 - 22 October; Singapore; www.jeccomposites.com
  • 2015 INSIGHT + VISION Conference 27 - 29 October; Florida, USA; www.inda.org
  • A + A International Trade Fair 27 - 30 October; Dusseldorf, Germany; www.aplusa-online.com
  • ITMA 2015 12 - 19 November; Milan, Italy;www.itma.com
  • How to Make The 'Right' Advanced Wound Dressings? 09 - 11 December; New Delhi, India; www.bch. in

Our Functions


Filtration layer is used in civil application to remove moisture or fine particles from the system. A filter should prevent excessive migration of soil particles, while at the same time allowing liquid to flow freely through the filter layer. Filtration helps in the following ways :

  • Ensures that the geo-textile is permeable enough to allow liquids to pass through without causing significant upstream pressure build up.
  • Drainage

    Geo textile drains comprise of three key elements- a filter fabric, a free draining core and an impermeable membrane which act as a conduit for the movement of liquid or gases in surface of geotextile.
    Typical application use:

  • Landfill caps
  • Retaining wall drainage
  • Basement protection
  • Highway Drainage
  • Separation

    The function of a geotextile separator is to maintain the integrity of the material and to allow the release of water pressure through and within the geotextile. It reduces maintenance, enables better compaction and thickness.
    Role of a geotextile separator:

  • eliminates base/sub grade inter-mixing
  • greater densities are achieved in the fill material
  • provide a more stable working platform and allow the subsequent filling operation to be carried out rapidly
  • Protection

    The total system strength is increased by the introduction of a geotextile into a soil and developed primarily through the following three mechanisms:

  • lateral restraint through interfacial friction between geotextile and soil/aggregate
  • forcing the potential bearing surface failure plane to develop at alternate higher shear strength surface
  • membrane type of support of the wheel loads.
  • In this method, the structural stability of the soil is greatly improved by the tensile strength of the geotextile. Protection function allows embankments and roads to be built over very weak soils and allows for steeper embankments to be built.

    Our Promoters

    Social Responsibility

  • We at Manas Geo Tech India Take utmost care that we give back what we take from the environment.
  • We pay all our employees timely and fairly.
  • All our employees are insured and we maintain the highest safety standards at our production facility
  • We are also proud to announce that we use a Dust Filter Maker Canalair at our production facility in basal to ensure that waste generation is minimal at the same time maintain hygiene and cleanliness at our production facility.
  • We have a fire fighting system of 125,000 ltrs equipped with the best measure hence we are prepared to fight fire at all times at our facility.
  • All the wiring and cables at our facility are fireproof.
  • All our machinery is state of the Art with no pollution and waste generation.
  • Hence Manas Geo Tech India understands its Corporate Social Responsibilities and adheres to it with utmost dedication

    Our Products

    1. Non woven geo textile fabric

    Non woven geo textile Fabric : Nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene/ polyester staple fibre, which are needle-punched to form a strong, flexible and dimensionally stable fabric structure, with optimum pore sizes and high permeability. Our products are manufactured to world-class standards through a fully automatic carded needle punched machine by Automatex and Fehrer. The geotextile is resistant to chemicals and biological organisms normally found in soils and are stabilized against degradation due to short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

    Reasons to buy from us :

  • German plant gives a guarantee on the finish of the final product
  • Online calendering / heaters offers strength
  • Wide width roll sizes are available
  • Only polypropylene is used in the manufacture of the fabric
  • Available in black color for better UV protection
  • Very quick deliveries can be arranged to project sites
  • Fully equipped in-house laboratory
  • Large production capacity
  • Geo textile fibre available upto a length of 5.5 mtr
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    2. Geo bag

    The geo bag activities have minimal effect on the fish resources and in-turn also facilitate fishing activities. The overall methodology involves a systematic and multidisciplinary approach.
    Advantages of using Geo bags

  • Affordable price with global standard specification
  • erosion protection work using Geo bags requires less installation and maintenance cost, light weight equipment and less space for construction works.
  • The constructing materials like sand of geo bag are locally available and cost-effective compared to importing boulders from other countries.
  • The manufacturing of geo bags and quality control of the bags are easy compared to the C.C. blocks and boulders.

  • Applications

  • Construction of groynes, breakwaters, dykes
  • Dewatering
  • Shore protection
  • Bed and bank protection
  • Scour protection

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    • 011-46000770

    • Office Address:- FF-25, Vasant Square Mall, Plot No.-A Community Centre,
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    • Factory Address:-Plot No. 189, Phase-1, Sector-3,
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