Application of Non-Woven Geo Textile


Roads & Highways

Manas proudly manufactures Geo-Synthetics that are designed to lay the foundation of stronger and long-lasting road and highway projects, and thus plays an important role in building the infrastructure of nations. We produce high quality Geo-Textiles with remarkable functional properties that work as a proven solution to help build high performance roads at reasonable costs. The MGT Geo-Textile helps in ground stabilization and hence is conducive to building roads on difficult terrains as well. Our Geo-Textiles have high tensile strength and a significant Puncture Resistant property to reinforce weak soils. It increases the load bearing capacity of the soil to facilitate construction of roads and embarkments over it.

Waterproofing of Tunnels

Tunnels need to be protected adequately against the effects of groundwater that often penetrates through rock fissures. Our geo-synthetic fabrics are designed to ensure functional waterproofing of tunnels. While it helps in maintaining the performance and smooth flow of traffic through the tunnel for years, on the other hand, it also helps saving the maintenance cost.

Non-Woven Geo Textile along with Geo Membrane successfully carry the water along its plane into the side ditches , Manas Geo Textile are manufactured with high In Plane Permeability so it can successfully carry the water along its surface.

By maintaining a hydrological water balance, the waterproofing is a reliable and economical solution for protecting tunnels against the potential mechanical damage due to the aggressiveness of the mountain water.


We design mechanically stabilized solutions that overcome the challenges underlying with the railway construction projects. From sediment control to the stabilization of the sub-ballast and ballast layers, the objectives can possibly be achieved with the eco-friendly solutions we design and develop for railway projects. The solution helps laying down railway tracks over weak sub-grades by reinforcing the blanket and streamlining the subsurface drainage. We offer an affordable and long-lasting alternative to traditional solutions that also improves the track performance.

Maritime & Riverbeds

Manas specialize in offering flood control and water resource protection solutions that are both very effective and cost-effective. Our geobags filled with sands can be used to protect riverbeds and marine coastline by preventing soil erosion. We have been instrumental in protecting precious human lives, wealth and resources by erecting embankments of non-woven bags in many parts of India during the flood situations. Our geobags play the role of a sustainable solution to prevent losses due to heavy rain, flood, high tide and other environmental phenomena that are of a recurrent nature.


Manas Non-Woven Geo Textile is used as a socks over the perforated Pipe . This Acts as a Filter media which allows water to freely pass & prevent soil / mud from entering & blocking the pipe .

Manas Non-Woven Geo Textile is also used at the base of the pipeline for Drainage application.


In the recent times, waste management has emerged as a key area to avoid contamination of water and soil. Our geo-synthetic products allow constructing landfills for keeping solid municipal wastes at a safe distance from humans. These products can also be used in hazardous landfill projects, with stronger and more stable embankments. Designed for modern waste systems,

Our Non-Woven Geo Textile is used in Landfills along with Geo Membrane to provide Cushion to Geo Membrane & also due to High In Plane Permeability allows water to freely pass through its surface.


We design pre-engineered solutions that can be used in ports and other marine structures for constructing sea walls, jetties, breakwaters etc. The geo-synthetic products we supply have their varied applications in land reclamation in coastal areas, to create space for container yards. These products bring in significant savings to the port authorities and also improve the performance of a port with respect to cargo handling.

Also Manas Non-Woven Geo Textile is widely used in Port Projects for Soil Stabilisation to increase the CBR of the soil so that it can support heavy axle loads.

RE Walls

Our Reinforced Earth Wall system combines Non-Woven Geo Textiles and Geo Composites to form a robust and durable structure capable of supporting a substantial level of drainage through it. This is a kind of filter layer that can support ample loads. These RE Walls are simple systems that do not require any specialized equipment or labor for installation. At Manas, we design cost-effective and scalable RE Wall systems for infrastructure development with excellent drainage capabilities. We offer pre-engineered solutions that can be tailor made to the specific soil reinforcement needs of various projects.