Geo Composite

With the conventional well graded filter, there are chances for the clogging of filter in longer duration and will affect the drainage functioning severely. Especially for reinforced soil wall applications, our utmost need is to avoid increase in pore water pressures.

Geo Composite is designed with inner core for drainage and outer jacket of Non-Woven Geo Textile for filtration.

There are numerous advantages for the use of drainage composites in various applications as listed below:

  • Cost effective over conventional drainage layer.
  • It is light and easy to handle
  • Acts as drainage and protection layer
  • Provides and maintains high flow paths for water and gases, hence maintaining soil stability.
  • Filtration properties are suitable for most soil types.
  • Robustness of drainage composite prevents puncturing and tearing during installation.

Manas Drainage composite is a cost effective alternate solution to the conventional system and now a days there is a scarcity of conventional filter material in most of the areas so it is indeed a step towards saving of our national assets too.