Following are the two main problems faced in maintenance of the roads made in the conventional way and the solution we provide with the help of our product:

1. General Problem : Logging, mining and construction have one thing in common, they use some of the heaviest equipment available generally in remote locations, all subjects to the worst ravages of nature. Too often, the surfaces and work areas associated with operations are designed to be temporary in nature -- where in the gravel-top surface sinks quickly and become unusable in wet weather.

Our Solution:

Our product can be effectively and economically used in roads, forestry/mining operations, construction sites and industrial work areas. Placed directly over the soft soil, the fabric helps in these ways:

  • prevents overlying aggregate
  • prevents the surface from sinking
  • keeps subsoil from pumping upwards
  • permits water to drain through and along the plane the fabric
  • keeps the surface remains clean, dry, and intact.

  • 2. General Problem:

    The strength of the pavement is largely dependent on the quality and stability of the sub grade. The bearing capacity of these soils rapidly diminishes as they become saturated with water. Ultimately, the wet soils work their way up into the base course, causing the pavement to give away.

    Our Solution : Using our product in roads, highways, parking lots, storage areas, airport runways/taxiways helps in these ways

  • strengthens paved surfaces by setting up a separation barrier between subsoil and base, permitting free water to drain quickly, but preventing soils from moving into the base.
  • The fabric adds tensile reinforcement to the pavement permitting heavier wheel loads while substantially reducing maintenance.
  • provides a long lasting, better quality surface while allowing a 25 per cent reduction in base course aggregate.
  • For comparatively thin pavements, like parking lots, our Products substantially increases their capacity to handle the heavy wheel loads imparted delivery trucks.
  • it is an effective reinforcement material for the resurfacing of cracked or broken pavement. The fabric with liquid asphalt adhesive, is installed over the old concrete or asphalt pavement where it forms a tight seal with the new asphalt over lay.
  • extends the life of the pavement by spanning the cracks and preventing them from propagating through to the new surface.
  • -provides sufficient pore space to hold the liquid asphalt and prevent it from squeezing out during rolling.